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Complexity is not always ideal. There is a place for a monstrous, complex content management system (CMS), but I had to find an easier way to assist people. After most people are given web hostings, they want to create and maintain their website themselves. Providing a CMS that can act as a Swiss army knife looked ideal, but for non-technical people, it was not user-friendly. I will not name all the CMSs I have implemented over the years. After looking over WordPress, I gave it another chance. For the people I help since then, WordPress has never let them down and they are creating beautiful websites on it.

The complete system I have build is called eWebHostings. It enables you to easily, affordably and quickly build websites, with a WordPress backend.

I believe so much in this service, that is designed and hosted on it!

Project Details
  • Project Launch: February, 2018
  • Webpage: Visit Link