How to Control Your Kettle Over the Internet

This article first appeared on the OfferZen <source> blog. The internet of things world is here, but implementing systems that are compatible does not always seem tangible at first. However, I’ve learnt that a basic implementation is achievable when using small, inexpensive technology with a low level of entry. In […]

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My top 5 podcast episodes in the last 365 days

I forgot to publish this post in December, but here are my top 5 podcast episodes in the last 365 days, more or less. In the last 3 years, I have started listening to more podcasts. This is opposed to listening to radio DJs talking nonsense and hearing more about […]

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South African success at the 2016 Rio Olympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics have come and gone, and for South Africa’s athletes, the competition was a great success. The country’s athletics athletes excelled during their competitions, and some brought home gold, silver or bronze. Rugby 7s also had great success along with the country’s top swimmers. Meanwhile, the rest […]

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Reflecting on 2014

2014 was an awesome year. I have come to understand something about the sports world that is, most times your hard work pay off and dreams come true when you do not expect it. During my holidays in January, I started my year in Golden Gate with a training camp […]

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Wedloop van die spele

Almal het hulle heel gunsteling. Bolt, Isinbayeva of dalk nog Ennis. Die stel kaartjies wat ek die hoogste aangeslaan het was vir David Rudisha. In die loop van agt dae in 2010 het hy die 800m mans wêreld rekord (WR, voorheen 1:41.11) twee keer verwoes. Eers na 1:41.09 en toe […]

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My sonnet to track and field.   As the tartan-hot lava flows The morale of the track prepares. The heart of that runner longing low Awaits the opponent that dares.   An inferno in his soul screams While holding: Survival lies in that. Approaching our track with that seen Their […]

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