My vision for the future includes software engineering, web technologies, process engineering and multisports

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Software Engineering

Automate everything!

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Web Technology

Market yourself in the new world

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Process Engineering

The buzz words are water treatment, beer brewing, sustainable process development and advance process control

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Duathlon, triathlon and everything multisports, because one sport isn’t enough

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Latest Projects

Covid-19 Trends in South Africa

To find out how fast Covid-19 is spreading, we can calculate the Effective Reproduction Number (Rt) as the pandemic progresses. This number tells us, on average, how many people each infected person i…

  • Project Launch: April, 2020
  • Dashboard: Visit Link
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Keep your website simple with Complexity is not always ideal. There is a place for a monstrous, complex content management system (CMS), but I had to find an easier way to assist peo…

  • Project Launch: February, 2018
  • Webpage: Visit Link
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Cherry Pie Brewery

Are you working on your Cherry Pie again,” she asks me. I was indeed busy configuring the Raspberry Pi to control my new fully automated brewery. My days of using malt extract and stirring a pot…

  • Project Launch: December, 2014
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